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when it comes to Health & Beauty 911 its all about taking care of  you inside and out!


Health & Beauty 911
Aim's is to bring healthy food to hungry children...


All donations will be converted to food to be given to children in need to our community!


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I would like to send my  senserist appologies that our website was down for several months...

The company that was hosting the website failed to notify us that it was time too renew, and they were unatainable to correct the situation.  Due to this, we were required to wait until the site name was available in order to renew.

As a token of our appreciation in your patients we are giving you 10% off all services until  September 30th, 2017.  However, you are required to inform us that you seen this on our website.


Thank you,

Tori Taylor

New Location...

490 York Road, Building A, Suite 212 - Guelph ON N1E 6V1

By Appointment Only!

Nutrition Seminars in a City Near You!



Monday                    12:15-2:45 & 6:15-9pm

Tuesday                    12:15-2:45 & 6:15-9pm

Wednesday                     12:15-2:45 

Thursday                          12:15-2:45

Friday                        12:15-2:45 & 6:15-9pm

Saturday                               10-6


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